Are you interested in participating?

Become a research volunteer and participate! The Health, Emotion, and Addiction Lab has many different studies for which we are seeking volunteers.

Why participate?

Your participation in our studies may help us learn more about the reasons why people use certain products (e.g., cigarettes and e-cigarettes) and how these products can affect your health and behavior. You will be compensated for your participation in our studies. Compensation for each study varies.

How much of a time commitment is involved?

We offer both remote (virtual) as well as in-person study visits. Our offices are located at the USC Health Science Campus and the time commitment varies by study. Participation is always entirely voluntary.

What is involved?

Once enrolled as a research participant, we may invite you to take part in one or more research studies or activities such as:

  • Interviews or questionnaires
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Physiological recordings
  • Collection of saliva or blood samples

In each instance, we will provide you with full details of the proposed study and ask for your written consent prior to participation. In most studies, you may be eligible for compensation and reimbursement of any expenses you may incur (e.g. parking or travel-related costs).

How can you participate?

In order to see if you qualify for any of our studies, we ask that you provide some information about yourself. The easiest way to do this is:

  • Complete our confidential online survey
  • We will review your answers to see which studies you may qualify for. This may take at least one week.
  • If you qualify, we will contact you by phone or email.

If you have already filled out an online survey, please DO NOT fill out another one. Instead, please contact us directly to see where you are in the recruitment process. If you have any questions, please contact us at (323) 442-2598.