We are now accepting applications for the Summer and Fall 2021 Semesters

Undergraduate research assistantships are available to students in the USC’s Health Promotion & Disease Prevention B.S. program. Assistantships are available as part of an HP 290 or 490 Directed Research Course or can be done on a volunteer basis. Qualified students from other programs within USC (e.g., psychology, neuroscience) and at other institutions, including recent graduates, are also welcome to apply. Research assistants work on laboratory and field studies examining the role of emotional factors that influence tobacco, alcohol and other drug use, as well as other behaviors that impact health (e.g. exercise and diet).

Responsibilities include:

  • Participant recruitment and retention
  • Preparation of research materials
  • Clinical interviews with research participants via phone and in person
  • Data collection in laboratory-based behavioral experiments with adult substance users
  • Data collection in field-based studies with high school students directly in the classroom

Undergraduate assistantships are a great way to gain initial exposure to innovative, collaborative research in preparation for medical school and graduate school in psychology, neuroscience and public health. HEAL alumni have gone on to graduate school at some of the leading institutions and programs in the nation, including: UCLA, NYU, USC, UCSF, Dartmouth, University of Arizona, University of California Davis, New York Medical College, University of Washington, Virginia Commonwealth University, Tulane University, and University of Hawaii.

We prioritize assistantships to students who are interested in committing to:

  • Two consecutive semesters of volunteering
  • 10 hours of volunteering per week
  • Weekly lab meeting on Fridays at 2:30 pm

To get a better understanding of our research, please check out our research topics and read some of our publications.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact uschealstaff@gmail.com.

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